Song of the week #2

After Chihiro Onitsuka, something different, but still folk-ish. This week I chose a Canadian band, Great Lake Swimmers. The fantastic song Your Rocky Spine is from their album Ongiara (2007). Very nice band! This song is my favorite of theirs, but I strongly recommend their albums -they’re worth it.


Song of the week #1

“Ibara no Umi” (Sea of Thorns) by folk singer-songwriter Chihiro Onitsuka. From the album This Armor (2002)

I came across this song just a few days ago and I’m mesmerized by its soothing beauty… so pure and dreamlike.

The difference between good and bad J-music

“Scarborough Fair” live performance by Emiko Shiratori and her daughter Maika Shiratori.

Underage band AKB48. Ironically, they are far more famous and better sellers than the artists above…