Priceless Duck Hunt glitch

As annoying as the hyper-sensitive NES pin connector may be, some glitches are really fun. I came across this priceless one on this page. Of course these glitches are real, and were also featured in the awesome AVGN glitches video -you should watch it if you haven’t already!

Displaying FUCK instead of DUCK… What the duck?

The more HIV you get, the more you are a good Fuck Hunter.

I’ll give you my best advice: if Duck Hunt offers you to go for a fuck, your cartridge probably needs a good cleaning.


EPIC GLITCH OWNED GANON (AKA: Beating A Link To The Past in 5 mn)

Yes, you can do it! You-can-beat-the-fucking-game-in-five-minutes. FIVE DAMN MINUTES. And I’m not kidding.

In fact, anyone can. You probably thought you knew every tip and secret about ALTTP already, maybe not this one… here’s the ultimate glitch:

Simple as that! You don’t even have to fight Ganon… Pretty amazing, huh?

In case you wonder what happens after, here it is. That’s even more scary than the speedrun thing.

Fuck you, Ganon.