Hitler wants to try out Kinect, learns he can’t, and then gets the RROD. Ain’t that fantastic? Take that, sucker.

Wow, this blog is almost dead! I don’t know if there’s still anyone reading, but whatever… I just found out these hilarious Hitler parodies about Kinect and the Red Ring of Death and thought it’d be nice to share them. Of course it’s less tasty (and a bit weird) if you actually understand German. But even if you do, that’s worth the watch.

So Hitler is a casual gamer. If you’re unfit and have shitty videogame taste, then you’re probably a lot like him:

My own rant about Kinect here. Guess what, this is probably not the last one. 😛

Now Hitlah gets the infamous RROD (sorry, but you deserved it dude!):

Yeah, Hitler’s life sucks.

I personally never encountered any problem with the RROD, since the Xbox 360 we have at home is the new Slim model (ya know, the one that proudly claims “Kinect Ready” on the box…), which apparently doesn’t do it anymore. Glad they fixed it. Today’s systems should really be as reliable as the old ones, otherwise it’s not serious… Come on Microsoft, my Atari 2600 and Sega Master System still work perfect after 30 and 25 years so what’s the problem with you? And that goes for you too Sony fuckers, like you’re not ashamed to ask as much as $150 to fix that annoying YLOD you are responsible for? At least Microsoft offers a good customer service, they fix it for free. Dammit.

So, no RROD so far but quite unsurprisingly, most of my NESes do the Red Blink of Death. One of them recently recovered from it, and I got another one that should work, although it’s still dismantled right now -need to paint the chassis and change the LED before being able to try it out. Yup, it will be a custom NES! That’s all I can say at the moment, but I’m eager to complete this project and maybe make a tutorial about it. More news soon.

Last note: I know I’ve been writing a lot for Soru’s Den lately, but I’m likely to post more often on NC in the future, so stay tuned! 8)

[BTW, want more Hitlah parodies? You got the choice.]


Song of the week #3

Back to the 90s! Am I the only one who thinks Haddaway’s What is Love sounds awesome in Mario Paint Composer?

You may as well want to check the original music video.

Song of the week #1

“Ibara no Umi” (Sea of Thorns) by folk singer-songwriter Chihiro Onitsuka. From the album This Armor (2002)

I came across this song just a few days ago and I’m mesmerized by its soothing beauty… so pure and dreamlike.

AVGN needs a scapegoat

Time for a little fun. How about some Bugs Bunny’s Birthday Beating?
This is one of my fav AVGN videos and I can’t get tired of it.

You want just the beating? Here you are!

Also don’t forget to watch the epic sequel: Bugs Bunny’s revenge in Crazy Castle. The nerd’s having a hard time in that one…