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Oh crap, I think I’ll die now.


Passed the final exams. Got my diploma. Life’s great.

Just sharing my enthusiasm.

I’m so friggin happy at the moment. I have been anxious about that matter for a while, as I was actually expecting to get my results much sooner and wouldn’t receive them (and you know how annoying it is…) Finally, they decided to land in my mailbox on Tuesday… end of the suspense. YES, FINALLY! 😀

Okay, to be honest, that wasn’t that of a big surprise. Despite that unusual amount of stress on the previous days, I was kind of confident this year, due to my work and the feeling most of the tests went smooth or sort of. Still, I can’t deny it’s a relief, a big one.

So I eventually made it to that long-expected arts diploma from the Sorbonne University of Paris. It’s my first diploma. Until last year, I never thought I’d make it this far. I feel proud.

Now I’ll celebrate by playing videogames all summer. >:D Haha. Soon time to think about the future, which, given the not-so-good status of employment today, makes me feel kind of anxious. AGAIN.

So hi folks…

First post… so what am I supposed to write here? I’m just another retrogaming freak and I yet have to write something on the profile page. Posts to come will be more interesting than this one, I promise.

By the way, I’m Soru.